Espionage during the middle-ages was the role of Ambassadors and envoys. The Prussian army would exploit this tactic powerfully, as their method was one of infiltration and then, invasion. They did this via the use of nobility and secret societies. This is evidenced in 1871 when the Prince of Prussia was appointed as the Emperor of Germany. The Prussians are masters of deception. They love to [appear] weak and irrelevant. The have convinced the world that monarchies are no longer influential in society. Recall the UK in 1666: With people uprising and calling out a tyrannical kingdom, the UK was conquered by William of Orange, who created the City of London corporation. This elevated the people’s Parliament above the Crown. Patriots celebrated, believing that they finally controlled their nation. However, it was all an illusion, as the Bank of England was about to be created, in order to help them “build back better” after decades wars and economic hardship.

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